Hangzhou Hengsheng Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd is a high-tech company specializing in the development and production of intelligent control systems, smart interactive whiteboard, multimedia all-in-one, projector, image splicing processing systems, matrix switching systems, and multimedia peripheral equipment. The company boasts a professional team ,which is a vibrant, positive, energetic, innovative and high-quality workforce. The establishment of Hengsheng Technology originated from an idea: Create a platform to realize your ambitions and serve the country. "Thoughts make the future" and "the process of growth is insurmountable" are the important corporate culture of Hengsheng Technology. Under its guidance, Hengsheng Technology has made a step by step, down-to-earth, and accumulated rich experience in R&D, production and service in the success and setbacks.

The company adheres to the tenet of " Excellence pursuance, Perfect service", and continues to adhere to the customer-centric service concept. Through rapid feedback, we continuously meet customer needs and achieve effective communication among demand, production and R&D, to integrate products closely with the market. With the continuous efforts of the company's sophisticated R&D team, the company has rapidly risen in the industry and has become a domestic technology leader in the field of image processing. The company has obtained a number of invention patents, and we have independent intellectual property rights of the company's products, and has applied for a number of related software copyrights. The company's products have passed relevant certifications. At present, Hengsheng Technology maintains a leading advantage in the fields of large-screen display, image processing, weak current integration, conference system integration, security systems, multimedia distribution, and multimedia engineering.

Hengsheng Technology focuses on the future, and has always believed that future growth cannot be separated from advanced management models and innovative thinking. Hengsheng Technology not only insists on continuous innovation in R&D, business philosophy, business model, process system, but also has been unremittingly pursuing excellence, successfully introducing international advanced ERP enterprise internal management system and CRM customer relationship management system, and always insisting on an efficient management model of information. Hengsheng Technology implements the business policy of combining technology strategy, brand strategy and talent strategy, focusing on R&D investment, quality improvement and service system improvement, and is committed to creating a trustworthy "Hengsheng Technology" brand to provide customers with high quality products and attentive service. And take the creation of a harmonious and inclusive social environment as its own responsibility, and aim to provide a more comfortable and better life for every employee and partner of Hengsheng Technology.

In addition to its headquarters in Hangzhou, the company currently has offices in Beijing, Shandong, Fuzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an and Shenyang to provide customers with timely and thoughtful services.

As the trend of the times evolves, we will uphold the corporate spirit of constant innovation and change, and continue to serve our customers.

Hangzhou Hengsheng Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd. will always be your trusted partner.