Double Backup Programmable Central Controller HS-390DB

  Programmable Central Controller     |      2013-06-26

Product Description

HS-390DB dual-backup central control is a programmable multimedia central control system. It is a product specially developed and designed to meet the high-stability and high-reliability requirements of high-end multimedia conference systems. All port circuits are designed with redundancy, which is equivalent to built-in two central controller, shared interfaces, only one central control works at any time, and can be switched to another at any time, and the line is physically completely disconnected, without mutual influence. It has complete functions, stable performance, simple, fast and convenient programming, high-end The ideal choice of multimedia conference room, its excellent cost performance is especially suitable for large-scale use by industry customers.



· 2 MINI USB programmable interfaces, convenient and quick to update the program;

· Built-in 4.3-inch programmable LCD touch screen on the front panel, the appearance is more user-friendly, beautiful and high-end;

· Supports up to 10 RS-485 control buses, and can expand control modules arbitrarily, such as multiple dimmers, multiple radio frequency wireless receivers, multiple power controllers, etc., and can support up to 2560 devices;

· 1 RJ45 network control port, support network control function, you can control the central control through a WIFI device and then through a wireless router, support WIFI platform mobile phones or tablets with Apple IOS, Android, Windows CE and other operating systems;

· The control core board adopts redundant design, which is mutual backup, and only one way works at any time, and it can be switched to the other way at any time;

· The interface is separated from the control core board, and the control core board adopts a pull-out card design, which is easy to replace;

· Two-way external power adapter redundant power supply DC12V90W, international universal power supply (110V-240V), suitable for any region;

· Using programmable logic array circuit, faster running speed and more stable system;

· Comprehensive support for third-party equipment and control protocols, customers can set a variety of control protocols and codes by themselves;

· Support multi-code control, that is, one key to send multiple codes (IR infrared, RS-485 code, RS-232 code)

· Adopt the internationally popular SMT (SMT) production technology;

· High quality, mass production, high compatibility and stability, and high cost performance;

· Standard 19-inch rack installation, all-aluminum alloy 2U standard shell, international popular high-end product design style, beautiful appearance. 






Using 32-bit Samsung ARM9 core processor, the processing speed can reach 400MHZ;




128MB of large-capacity FLASH memory

Programmable serial port

10 independent programmable, support RS-232/422/485 control protocol

Fixed serial port

2 independent fixed RS-232 control interfaces, which can be connected to touch screen, local computer and other control interfaces

Weak current relay control interface

8 independent programmable

DI input detection port

8 independent programmable

Infrared emission interface

8 independent programmable

Network control port

1 network control port, which can realize network control function

USB port

2 way MINI USB programmable interface

Touch screen

Built-in 4.3 inch 65K color programmable LCD touch screen

Case material

All aluminum alloy

Core board

Redundant design, two independent core boards, backup each other

Power supply

Redundant design, two sets of power adapter and power interface, using DC12V/4A power adapter

Operating temperature


Working humidity

590% no condensation


19-inch rack installation, 2U standard chassis, 483 × 223 × 89 mm(L*W*H)