Programmable Central Controller HS-390MX

  Programmable Central Controller     |      2013-06-26

Product Description

HS-390MX controller is a programmable multimedia central control system. It is a product specially developed and designed to meet the high-stability and high-reliability requirements of high-end multimedia conference systems. It has   complete functions, stable performance, simple, fast and convenient programming, high-end The ideal choice of multimedia conference room, its excellent cost performance is especially suitable for large-scale use by industry customers.



· 1 MINI USB programmable interfaces, convenient and quick to update the program;

· Built-in 4.3-inch programmable LCD touch screen on the front panel, the appearance is more user-friendly, beautiful and high-end;

· Supports up to 10 RS-485 control buses, and can expand control modules arbitrarily, such as multiple dimmers, multiple radio frequency wireless receivers, multiple power controllers, etc., and can support up to 2560 devices;

· 1 RJ45 network control port, support network control function, you can control the central control through a WIFI device and then through a wireless router, support WIFI platform mobile phones or tablets with Apple IOS, Android, Windows CE and other operating systems;

· The interface is separated from the control core board, and the control core board adopts a pull-out card design, which is easy to replace;

· External power adapter redundant power supply DC12V90W, international universal power supply (110V-240V), suitable for any region;

· Using programmable logic array circuit, faster running speed and more stable system;

· Comprehensive support for third-party equipment and control protocols, customers can set a variety of control protocols and codes by themselves;

· Support multi-code control, that is, one key to send multiple codes (IR infrared, RS-485 code, RS-232 code)

· Adopt the internationally popular SMT (SMT) production technology;

· High quality, mass production, high compatibility and stability, and high cost performance;

· Standard 19-inch rack installation, all-aluminum alloy 2U standard shell, international popular high-end product design style, beautiful appearance. 







Using 32-bit Samsung ARM9 core processor, the processing speed can reach 400MHZ;




128MB of large-capacity FLASH memory

Programmable serial port

10 independent programmable, support RS-232/422/485 control protocol

Fixed serial port

2 independent fixed RS-232 control interfaces, which can be connected to touch screen, local computer and other control interfaces

Weak current relay control interface

8 independent programmable

DI input detection port

8 independent programmable

Infrared emission interface

8 independent programmable

Network control port

1 network control port, which can realize network control function

USB port

1 way MINI USB programmable interface

Touch screen

Built-in 4.3 inch 65K color programmable LCD touch screen

Case material

All aluminum alloy

Power supply

External power adapter, using DC12V/4A power adapter

Operating temperature


Working humidity

5~90% no condensation


19-inch rack installation, 2U standard chassis, 483 × 223 × 89 mm(L*W*H)