Multimedia All in One MIT-100C Series

  Multimedia All in One     |      2021-07-01

Multimedia All in One MIT-100C Series

A) Wall mounted design; iron material case; light weight, easy installation;

B)  Using Ops computer:

- Intel core I3-4130 or higher version; 3.4 GHz;

- Memory≥2G;

- hard disk≥500G;

- Integrated gigabit network card,

- sound card, 

- Win 7 operating systems and genuine software.
C) Built-in central control system;
D) Built-in various user interfaces:

- MIT body front panel:1 x RJ45, 1 x RS232, 1 x notebook VGA in, 1 x notebook audio in, 3 x USB. 

- MIT body top: 3 x RJ45, 2 x RS232, 1 x notebook VGA, 2 x electric curtain port, 1 x dual-channels audio, 3 x power supply socket, 1 x backup hole for door open.

- OPS body: 6 x USB, 1 x HD, 1 x VGA, 1 x MIC, 1 x audio out, 1 x RS232, 1 x RJ45.

E) Built-in wireless router

- 150M wireless-router, transmission distance ≥15M.
F) Built-in WIFI wireless desktop projection:

- support all kinds of WINDOWS\IOS\ANDROID notebook PC, mobile phone, Ipad etc, desktop projection to display.

G) Built-in touch key panel
H) Built-in CATV channel selection device

- Directly input RF signal then output to the projector, adaptive to PAL\NTSC system.
I) Built-in IC card

- IC card on/off automatic control function. Press On: scan the IC card; Press Off:  scan the IC card;
J) Built-in Portable visualizer

- Main camera≥5mega pixel; (8 mega pixel is optional)

- Connect PC by USB cable.


Our design always consider and solve your worries!
1) - Network Controllable device means it takes only 1 administrator to power off for many (all) classroom in case of routine checking is required!
2) - Wireless keyboard and wireless mouse give teacher a chance to sit opposite to students or sit along with them!
3) - Detachable speaker means it can be installed away from teachers who may do not like to be surrounded by noisy sound all the day all the week!  

4) - Detachable speaker also means there is no repeat purchasing cost for classrooms which have already installed.
5) - Electric lock means there is no need to carry key which may be kept somewhere in school or even at home after a certain time of use.
6) - Remote controller can roll up and down electric curtain.

7) - Seamless/Wireless/Remote control by another PC/Intranet/Web/APP/Mobile.