Volume management module HS-VOL2

  Management Module     |      2013-06-26


Tuning channels: 2 independent stereo volume adjustment control

Tuning levels: 32 levels of digital tuning

Tuning step value: each step can be preset at 1/2/4 level

Control method: RS232/485 control, the address can be set by software

Output impedance: 47Ω

Input impedance: 12KΩ

Input: Phoenix MINI, balanced or unbalanced

Output: Phoenix MINI, balanced or unbalanced

Device restart scene saving function: Yes

Total harmonic distortion: -90dB

Noise: -90dB

Input level: 1Vpp

Output level: 1Vpp

Power: 5W

Power supply: AC220V/50HZ


Environmental conditions

Working temperature: -10℃~50℃

Working relative humidity: 5-90% non-condensing

Storage temperature: -40℃~80℃

Storage relative humidity: 5-93%