Conference Central Controller HS-380MX

  Programmable Central Controller     |      2013-06-26

Product details

Product Specification Introduction:

HS-380MX is a programmable multimedia central control system, which is designed for managing the multimedia device in conference. It is fully functional, stable performance and easy to operate. It is the ideal choice for multimedia conference room.

HS-380MX is including with three parts: programmable multimedia central control system host, HS-TS series color touch screen kit and programmable software.



Using the latest Motorola 32-bit embedded processor. Procession speed up to 275MHZ.
With strong network, improved peripheral equipment, stable and reliable performance of the machine.
Adopting CPLD/ FPGA, whole device system run faster and more stable. 
Built-in 16MB memory and 8MB host large capacity FLASH memory.
8-channel independent programmable infrared transmitter interfaces.
10-channel independent RS-232/422/485 programmable control interface.
2-channel independent fixed RS-232/422/485 control interface. It is easy to connect the local control interface(like the touch screen, computers) to control these multimedia device.
16 channel weak current relay control interface.
Built-in 4.3inch LCD programmable touch screen in Central control front panel. The appearance is more humane, beautiful high-end.
Up to 10-channel RS-485 control bus can extend discretion control module. Control module like more dimmers, more RF wireless receiver, more power supply controller. Which can supply the largest 2560 network equipment. 
Two expandable multi-function slots are available, and other multi-function control cards are available.

Full support for third-party equipment and control protocols. The customers can set a variety of self-control protocol and code.
The rear panel has a system software transfer interface

Support multi-code control, that is, one-key multiple code (IR IR, RS-485 code, RS-232 code)(IR infrared, RS-485 code and RS-232 code.)
Adopt international popular full-sMD (SMT) production process;

Universal power supply (110v-240v), suitable for any area.
High-quality, mass production, have a higher compatibility and stability, good performance-price ratio.
2U standard aluminum alloy shell, high-end international fashion design, elegant appearance.

Configuration Options:

HS-380MX programmable central control host;
HS-TS series color touch screen, user-defined graphics interface;
HS-TSRF series wireless receiver;
Multiple power management module multiple dimming;
Any external equipment, various types of matrix
External Volume Management Module;
An external IR transmitter stick more;
External multiple PTZ;
A variety of multi-function cards can be expanded;
External computer control software.