Multimedia All in One MIT-200 E Series

  Multimedia All in One     |      2021-06-23


Hengsheng multimedia intelligent teaching wall-mounted terminal MIT-200 E Series, which is a multimedia control all-in-one machine with multimedia teaching and integrated teaching function, developed by Hangzhou Hengsheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd for teaching applications. The hardware circuit of the central control part adopt ARM to control whole system, combined with the built-in plug-in OPS computer control system (Users can choose the corresponding OPS computer configuration according to different needs), and integrates wireless router, HD visual presenter and central controller, power amplifier Built-in high-fidelity speakers, wireless microphones, electronic pointers, card readers and other functions, the product has many characteristic, such as multifunction, high integration, high stability, easy to use, easy to operate and so on.

 Multimedia teaching all-in-one is a new era without podium class product, which combine electric whiteboard and projector. OPS computer plug-in design for easy replacement and upgrade.      

Hengsheng MIT-200E series multimedia teaching all-in-one, it is easy to install, adopting electronic whiteboard and built-in indicator light, easy to maintain and easy for teaching.



Modular design. It integrates various control modules such as central control system, computer, visualizer, speaker, router, wireless mouse and keyboard. The central control system is designed as a separate box and can be replaced independently.

Built-in multimedia control system. You can use U disk when the OPS computer is not turned on, including read U disk and use PPT, WORD, EXCL, PDF , other office software in U disk. Meanwhile ,you can play mkv, mp4, avi, rm, rmvb and other video files.In the case of OPS computer system crash,it will not affect teaching and avoid causing teaching accidents.

★Rich interface. To meet the habits of different users, the front panel has more than 10 USB ports and the rear panel has more than 2 USB ports, it can realize the simultaneous access to keyboard, mouse, U disk, mobile hard disk, optical drive, visualizer, laser pen and other equipment.

Central control with built-in full HD switching circuit. 4 ways HDMI input, 1 way HDMI output and 1 way VGA output synchronous display. After the notebook inputs the HDMI signal, it automatically recognizes the switching output to the projector.

The touch function of the electronic whiteboard can be used in the three modes,notebook, OPS computer and built-in backup system.

The central control system comes with an electronic whiteboard positioning correction function, which does not require OPS computer to set the calibration.

The central control system has built-in multiple projector codes, users can directly select different brand projector code to download through the central control system.

The central control system has various control modes, which can control by the front panel, or by the software of OPS computer. Program upgrades can directly passed through the OPS computer without disassembling the machine. 

The panel comes with an IC card reader function to realize a one-button switch. The dust-proof film is attached to the button, and the device can be controlled by a self-contained remote controller.

There is no need to open the case, and OPS computer can be plugged directly through the front panel.It is convenient for late troubleshooting and maintenance. OPS computer boot has four boot modes as following, remote network wake-up boot, OPS computer power-on automatic boot, panel button DO linkage boot, power boot button manual boot. 

HD visual presenter, A4 format, with contrast teaching, annotation, recording and other functions. In the case that the OPS system crashes or does not turn on, The users can make the pictures display on the projector or TV through the built-in central control system. Meanwhile, the users can make annotation and other operations.

Built-in amplifier and high-fidelity speakers, and it can also be used with external active speakers, so that the teaching sound quality is more perfect.

With wireless projection function, and there is no need to start OPS computer. IOS, MAC, Android, Windows and other mainstream system equipment can go for wireless projection. 

Built-in wireless router can meet the network connection requirements of central control, notebook, OPS computer, IPAD, etc., and it can automatically assign IP address to save school IP resources, users can also use wireless encryption network without configuration. 

Optional built-in wireless microphone with laser pointer function, PPT can be turned over to make the teacher easier to explain. 




Advantage 1.

HD physical Visual Presenter

HD physical visual presenter, high-definition camera, A4 format, USB2.0 power supply, lighting compensation function. Whiteboard annotation function, multi-screen contrast and physical display teaching , real-time recording courseware video and audio, etc., with the built-in Hengsheng visualizer teaching assistant software to make teaching more efficient and convenient.The visualizer can display the visualizer screen through the built-in central control, and can also read the visualizer screen through the OPS computer. 






Advantage 2.

Interactive whiteboard teaching shows more interesting

By connecting the electronic whiteboard, the projector can realize full-screen physical display. The picture is realistic and the visual impact is strong, making the students easier to understandable and remember. Lifelike physical presentations give students a deeper understanding of the lessons, making learning easier and more convenient, and making  teaching easier and more efficient. Making interactive teaching more interesting and vivid, and the teacher can also record the entire course content by voice. Meanwhile, it is convenient for students to review later.

The whiteboard can control the OPS computer, the whiteboard can control the internal control system screen, and the whiteboard can operate the external notebook screen.



Interactive,flat, perfect, integrated




Advantage 3.

High-end plug-in OPS computer

Plug-in OPS computer front, simple, get rid of the clutter of internal wiring, maintenance using pre-maintenance mode, maintenance and upgrade is more convenient, so that teaching has no worries.






Advantage 4.

Terminal comes with HD visual presenter

teaching assistant software

The high-definition visualizer teaching assistant software, in the intelligent teaching terminal , which is a teaching demonstration system developed by Hengsheng for multimedia teaching. It is dedicated to improving the quality of teaching. Meanwhile, it is a good helper for teacher to make more vivid teaching. With high-definition camera physical display, real-time annotation, contrast teaching, high-definition audio and video recording, physical shooting and other functions, it is an excellent software that can solve the school's efficient teaching problem effectively. 





Advantage 5.

Multi-language OCR text recognition

As long as the files/courseware are placed under the terminal booth area for shooting, the OCR recognition function can identify languages of multiple countries, extract the text and use it directly, or directly edit the text content, send emails directly, or print without shooting. It can save typing time, and the captured images can be saved as a backup. Such teaching equipment is amazing!






Advantage 6.

Terminal built-in card reader function


You can open the OPS computer, projector, etc. with one button to activate the authorized IC card in the front panel card area. The IC card reader is compatible with the school campus IC card.







Advantage 7.

Terminal built-in network central controller function (optional)

Through the centralized control of the master control software network, background data statistics, IC card centralized management, all classrooms or a classroom can be remotely controlled, and the switch function can also be automatically controlled according to the class schedule; custom group: can be set for some classrooms Set a custom group for centralized control. Status query function: can query the working status information of each classroom equipment. 




Advantage 8.

Built-in dual system backup function (optional)