Overhead Cable Multifunctional Squirrel Repeller

  other-products     |      2021-06-23

The intelligent squirrel repeller adopts infrared induction detection technology, which integrates multiple squirrel repelling methods such as ultrasonic, sound, light, shape, and color. It can automatically make a sound that scares the squirrel and emit red and blue flashes by sensing the squirrel’s approach, to achieve the purpose of repelling squirrels, usually three-sided ultrasonic waves are always activated to prevent squirrels from going up through the tower or from the line to drive the squirrels on the line. Several squirrel repelling methods are activated simultaneously.

The resin shell and the circuit board are treated with anti-moisture, salt spray and anti-corrosion treatment, so that the equipment can adapt to the harsh outdoor environment, so that it can ensure long-term normal outdoor operation. Independent solar panel power supply and built-in lithium battery allow multiple charging times, fast charging speed, and charge and discharge management with overcharge, over-discharge, overload, and over-voltage protection functions. Infrared three-sided detection, the detection range is 3 times larger than single-sided detection. Magnetic installation is simple, convenient and quick. With remote control function, convenient inspection.   


The main technical parameter


1. Four ways to drive squirrels: red and purple flashing lights, a variety of squirrel drive simulation sounds, ultrasound, pine marten shape and color.

2. Working time of the battery without light: 30-40 days.

3. Speaker power 3W.

4. 10 squirrel-driving sounds are randomly triggered and selected to be played.

5. Photoelectric sensing distance: 3-4 meters.

6. The solar panel uses 5V550mA monocrystalline silicon.

7. Overall waterproof rating: IP54.

8. Infrared induction is sensed on three sides, the left, right, and bottom sides block the path, and the one-way detection angle: horizontal ≥ 120°, vertical ≥ 120°.

9. Magnetic installation method.

10. Power supply mode: solar + battery, battery voltage: DC3.2V 18AH

11. The remote control inspection control distance is 20 meters

12. Ultrasonic horn 3 sides, left, right, down, ultrasonic 12 hours, continuous ultrasonic, ultrasonic horn maximum decibel 105DB




1. Built-in MCU, the standby power consumption is greatly reduced due to the use of infrared induction

2. The whole shape adopts the bionic squirrel repellent, the two heads adopt the shape of pine marten, and the middle adopts the owl shape waterproof sticker.

3. Infrared induction is sensed on three sides, left, right, and bottom, to block the climbing path of the three squirrels on the left, right, and bottom of the tower line.

4. With remote control function, the remote control distance is about 20 meters, you can remotely modify the ultrasonic frequency, trigger effect, etc., to facilitate the inspection and debugging of the equipment and user mode settings.

5. The body is designed with IP54 waterproof rating

6. Solar energy + lithium battery power supply, continuous working time 20-30 days without light, lithium battery charging times more than 2000 times

7. Intelligent induction control, turn off induction at night and enter a low power consumption state to save electricity

8. The installation method adopts the magnetic suction type, and the device is directly placed on the pole tower hoop with the installation pole, and it is automatically sucked in, with strong suction, easy to install, and has a safety rope to prevent falling.

11. The high-frequency horn can play all kinds of scared sounds of squirrels, using random play of gunshots, eagles, eagles, owls, falcons, owls, snake attacks, dog barking, human sounds, firecrackers, etc.

12. Luminous driving, the top of this device will emit a dazzling red and blue light to chase squirrels away after being triggered. The light can be seen within 20 meters

13. Three-sided ultrasonic horns continue to sound for 12 hours to drive away squirrels. The frequency is cyclically converted from 20K to 48K to avoid only one type of squirrel for a long time. The effective distance of ultrasonic is about 30-40 meters.