Multifunctional Bird Repellent for Electric Power Tower

  other-products     |      2013-06-26


In recent years, with the improvement of the environment and the increase in the number of birds, it is becoming more and more frequent for birds to nest on power pole towers. Line trip accidents caused by this often occur.

According to statistics, line failures caused by bird nesting are second only to lightning strikes and external force damage, occupying the third place in the total number of line trips. This has caused severe challenges to the safe operation of the power grid and brought huge losses to the national economy and people's lives.

Existing bird repellent products have single functions, poor bird repellent effects, inconvenient installation, and low cost performance, which is not conducive to large-scale applications.


Product introduction

This product combines sound, light, shape, electric and other bird-repellent technologies in one. It adopts infrared sensing detection technology to automatically trigger the sound of more than a dozen bird natural enemies by sensing the approach of birds; at the same time, it turns the simulated snake and laser The fuselage emits flashing lights to achieve the purpose of automatic bird repellent.



1. A variety of bird repellent technologies are adopted, and the bird repellent effect is remarkable. (Digital simulation of natural enemy sound bird-repelling technology, simulation of rotating snake-repelling technology, red-violet flashing strong light bird-repelling technology, rotating laser body reflection bird-repelling technology)

2. Infrared sensing technology, no dead angle of 360 degrees.

3.Using ultra-low-power photo-voltaic charging technology, the working time without light can be more than 30 days.

4. The product is easy to install and does not require personnel to climb the pole to install, which greatly saves installation time and improves safety.

5, high reliability, strong typhoon, heavy rain, blizzard and other conditions can work normally.

6. Based on the Internet of Things monitoring technology, it can realize the management and intelligent analysis of the tower and line big data platform. (Customized function)


User value

1.Reduce direct economic losses caused by large-scale power outages caused by bird damage.

2. Improve the security of power grid maintenance and eliminate the personnel safety problems caused by the removal of the bird's nest.

3. The product is easy to install and requires no personnel to climb the pole to install, which greatly saves installation time.



Applicable to places such as iron towers, telephone poles, railway pole towers.