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Henan Yixuan Technology grandly held the 2020 annual meeting

Article Source:Henan Yixuan Technology|Author:Henan Yixuan Technology|Issuing Time:2021-02-05

        On February 4, 2021, Henan Yixuan Optoelectronics cadres and employees held the "2020 Work Summary Commendation and 2021 Work Arrangement Meeting".
        The vice presidents and department representatives of the company's centers delivered impassioned speeches, summarizing and reporting on the work in 2020, and also full of hope for 2021.


        In order to promote the corporate culture and motivate the advanced, the company has selected a large number of outstanding employees, operators, outstanding cadres, outstanding departments, special contribution awards, labor value creators, and outstanding strugglers. With warm applause and impassioned singing, the company leaders presented awards to outstanding employees and cadres who emerged.


        At the meeting, the centers and the company solemnly and seriously signed the 2021 target responsibility letter. The work responsibility letter is clearly divided into each department, so as to enhance the enthusiasm and initiative of employees, and fully realize the company's business target management.
        Next, a grand dinner was held at Nanyang Wangfu Hotel. The company has set up four kinds of awards, the first prize is a mobile phone worth 2,000 yuan, the second prize is a red envelope of 500 yuan in cash, the third prize is a red envelope of 300 yuan in cash, and the lucky prize is a red envelope of 100 yuan in cash. Then there was an exciting lottery activity. Some employees got OPPO mobile phones, and some got cash red envelopes. The excitement could not calm down for a long time. The employee representative also gave an acceptance speech, and also thanked the company for holding this annual meeting, which is of far-reaching and significant significance. We will always remember this historical moment.


        Then, there is a delicious meal waiting for you! Finally, with the sweet song "Unforgettable Tonight", the 2020 annual meeting ends here.
        In the new year, let us not forget our original intention, reform all staff, make steady progress, and create greater glories! Finally, I wish everyone a Happy New Year, good health and a happy family!

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